Chelsea Finds Whitman

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I found Whitman at Riverby Books in downtown Fredericksburg in front of the “Modern Warfare” section

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Finding Whitman at Lincoln Memorial…

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So, I was kind of randomly in Washington D.C. the other night and had my digital camera with me (and my Whitman book as fate would have it)…I started thinking about Whitman’s obsession with Abraham Lincoln and the many poems he has written for him.  I read “O! Captain!  My Captain!” on the steps of the memorial with the beautiful statue of Lincoln glowing ominously behind me.  Having had somewhat of a crush on Lincoln myself growing up (yes, I realize how that makes me look), reading that poem on the memorial steps was actually a really moving experience for me.  I wanted to post this now, even though the quality of the video isn’t the best, to try and share my experience with you guys.  Hope you enjoy it.

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